Guilty Pleasures
From the beginning, the fruits of nature were believed to be the root of pleasure.  Filled with natural sugars and flavors, the fruits of the earth are harvested in our baking for the ultimate delight.

Blissfully enjoy the ease of ordering from our kitchen.  Satisfaction delivered to you directly from our oven to your event’s table. 

Lure your guests to a fuss-free finale to your meal from our selections. Appeal to your guests’ taste diversity by ordering a variety of desserts.

Should you have a request that you do not find on our menu, feel free to  requests a special order.   We are happy to cater to your desires.

Joy and delight delivered from our kitchen to your table.

Heavenly Taste
Made from the finest products, our baking products are filled with the highest quality of ingredients.  Our creations are prepared from scratch baking and supervised under scrutinizing eyes.  

The result of all our care is a heightened blend of taste for the palette to enjoy.  

Our moist cakes and mouth-watering pies are colorful and tempting to the senses.  The aroma coming from the freshness is divine.
As our cheesecakes pass your lips, feel them melt on your tongue.  Roll your eyes to the sky as the sweetness of our pies dissolve downward.   Enjoy clouds of chocolate as our gluten-free cake allows you to enjoy desserts again.

We do all the work so that you can enjoy all the taste.
Guilty Pleasures, Heavenly Taste